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About Me

I am one of those people who is asking what am I learning that will help me be more awake to my purpose, or answer the question why am I here?  Sometimes, though it takes a whack up along side my head to get my attention.

I think I realized this when I drove myself to exhaustion in just about every career-from that as a teacher, to business development specialist, to being best single moms dating sites an entrepreneur starting up my own businesses.  My Mother would often say I was running on fumes. Guess it took a reoccurring theme for me to wake up to making a new choice, a more conscious one to break the cycle. I really had no idea the impact of stress in my life.  Twelve years ago, I was burning the candle from both ends, not sleeping, had anxiety; was in a constant state of worry about making payroll; closing contracts; keeping my business partner happy.  As I was praying for a breakthrough, my friend brought me a gift of Xtra from Univera.  When I drank it I felt like a fog had lifted off my brain-over the next few days I felt a high definition clarity come in. (…Continued) Over a few weeks I began sleeping better and I was beginning to become more mindful of the choices I was making. My moods became optimized and I began to feel more empowered to make some big changes in my life.  It is amazing what can happen when I take the time to nourish myself with superfoods and allow the miracle of my body, mind and spirit to become aligned in bringing my whole self, my being, to what I am doing. I woke up to a more conscious choice. Unlike how I was subconsciously imprinted, I do not need to be a martyr and kill myself for the positive changes I want to see in this world.  I have always been a visionary, and yet I never had a vehicle to support me in the positive changes I want to bring to education and business.  Now with Univera, I  have systems and processes that invigorates me to integrate a leadership development program through advocacy and mentoring with people who have a big dream and who choose to integrate their well being at the center of all they be and do.  The power of team provides optimal capacity for my big vision of conscious life-long, loving, learning communities to be birthed and evolve in a way that brings more peace to families, businesses and organizations globally!


That is, they say you should write out twelve or twenty